SCANDELOUSWOMEN.COM Against the grain. That’s a phrase often used when describing someone or something that’s pushing back or rebelling from the norm.  It describes the character of the One2s perfectly, a band making schizophrenic sound into an art-form. Let ten people in a room listen to their music and you’re likely to get ten different answers if you ask them to describe the music style. Is it punk? Is it Brit-pop? Maybe it’s something else? And would those souls even agree they were hearing the same band from song to song? Unlike most groups, the One2s have the unique ability to change instruments and roles on the fly, keeping their fans guessing and newcomers scratching their heads.
Their latest collection, EP2, has five strong tracks of varying styles sure to make any lover of modern rock happy. Blank Stare is an angsty yet melancholy piece punctuated by the haunting vocals of  bassist Leiana. Cryer is an uptempo melodic rocker reminiscent of 90s alt-pop band The Cranberries – but with an edge. Gazed Out is the EP’s synth-ladened instrumental, a spacey piece that fits right in with much of today’s new age sounds.The strongest song on the collection is, in my opinion, I Can See. Again Leiana’s singing shines, soft and soulful against backing instruments that collectively seem like a Courtney Love tune.  The EP finishes strongly with a great punk song called Pop The Ripper. Be prepared for some serious air guitar-playing and jumping around in front of the mirror for that one! In fact, we have it for you FREE below. You’re welcome.

EMERGING INDIE BANDS.COM 4/15Formed as a side -recording and local performance outfit for members of two other bands, The One2s have a sound that is far more than a whimsical diversion. The players switch roles and instruments in the delivery of their material, giving them wide-scope to travel, yet there is a cohesive style to the compositions as the quartet deliver fuzzy shoegaze which has the texture of melting centre chocolates to it that can’t help but captivate the listener.
The experience of the players in The One2s shines through the carefully delivered compositions, which they imbue with warming tones as the combinations of garage rock, rock ‘n’ roll and dream-wave float around the room. A solid spine of percussion allows the instrumentation a process of metamorphosis in shifting layers of waves, whilst a subtle vocal gives the resulting out-put a sense of an aural metaphysical soliloquy.
With a couple of EPs behind them – EP One, released in January 2014 and EP 2 in January 2015 and a single in late 2014, The One2s is a project I would like to see become a mainstay and with fortune not have to wait until January 2016 to hear the next EP.

SERGEANT SPARROW Feb 2015 -​I’m happy to be writing about some new work from the band The One 2s. They’re a wonderful shoegaze punk band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Self described as shoegaze punk, their music is refreshing to the punk scene both because of its classic and modern take on punk. Everything is there that you would want from a punk band; distortion, angst, fast drum beats, and a unique charismatic view on life. Their songs pick just the right tempos, chord progressions, intros, drum beats, and vocals. I love everything about this band. As I grew up quite the punk kid myself, the teenage in me wants to go to all their shows, buy all the T-shirts and put their pins all over my hoodie. The adult musician in me appreciates their musical knowledge, skill, and presentation. Everyone involved is so talented and perfectly aware of their craft. They make a wonderful team. 


Hailing from Philadelphia, The One2S are a band with a kaleidoscopic - yet direct - approach to their sound; bringing the immediacy of punk, the melodies of brit pop and the depth of shoegaze under one roof.
The band which consists of members of Leiana(EMI) and Big Crowd Popular like to trade instruments and switch roles, making for a constantly challenging and exciting environment within the band. This creative mindset bleeds into their music effortlessly: their EP s are an excellent taste of the band's sonic manifesto… more touring to follow so check back for dates!

CROSSRADAR.COM2/7/2014The One2s deliver their own special brand of shoegazey post-punk with latest release, “EP One”.‘Wide Awake’ blasts in with a riff that channels the Sex Pistols’ ‘Anarchy In The UK’. While the vocals carry a distinct punk/indie vibe, the music itself offers a playful urgency with its mid-point delay-ridden guitar solo and clattering cymbals.‘Any Other Time But Now’ heads in a moodier direction, starting out with a tone not dissimilar to The XX. As the song progresses the guitarwork moves into some Pixies-esque yelps, all the while retaining a melodic sensibility.‘Running Out Of Time’ continues with an up-tempo duel between guitar and bass which holds steady for the duration of the track. The energy of the song feels somewhere between early Strokes and the Stooges. The unrelenting drive fits well with the track’s title, as if the song itself is being played to meet a deadline.Closing track ‘Alone’ opens with an introduction that wouldn’t be at all out of place on My Bloody Valentine’s ‘Loveless’, but it’s all misdirection – twenty seconds later the song sidesteps into a clean but consistently edgy chord driven power-pop track. It’s on this final track that the vocals establish the One2s as the deliciously post-punk, post-grunge, shoegazey outfit they are.

SERGEANT SPARROW-sergeantsparrow.wordpress.comThe One 2′s are glorious. Brit-punk, indie rock, riot grrl, and general punk fans will love everything about this band. It’s been quite a while since I’ve heard a band in this genre that has brought a sense of vitality and originality. After thousands of bands have tried to create a “new” sound to the punk genre it became harder and harder to step aside and really do something unique. Distortion, fast snapping drum beats, and a bit of angst and scream singing can only go so far, but The One 2′s have managed to give punk new life perfectly. My love for them began with their first track off of their new EP called EP One. Wide Awake features Leana singing with an energy straight out of a CBGB show from the 1980′s. Blondie has passed the torch on to Leana from The One2′s. Her voice is honest, heartfelt and full of piss and vinegar. Sean sings main vocals with Leana on back ups on the other songs on the EP which consists of four tracks total. Any Other Time but Now, track two, starts off with a slower different feel more reminiscent of indie rock greats such as The Strokes and Interpol, bass lines from The Pixies, and Sean’s deeper vocals similar to Urge Over Kill. None of these comparisons are quite right as the band doesn’t seem to overly draw on any of their influences.

INDIEGURU.COM The One2s – Throwback To A Great Time Of Post Punk AlternativeFeb 22, 2014There have been many great eras in alternative rock since its beginnings in the late 80’s. The offshoots vary far and wide but all hold true to that ethos of making sound that fills a room with energy. We found a band recently that is kind of a throwback to the early alternative days but with a spin that makes them stand out today. Let us introduce you to The One2s.The band based in Philadelphia, PA consists of former solo act Leiana on bass and vocals and Sean Bombz – Guitar/Vox, Jay Dyer – Drums, and Julia Tasca – Guitar/Vox of the band Big Crowd Popular. The new band, The One2s claim influence from classic standouts of the alternative and punk scene such as Sonic Youth, Placebo, PIXIES, Foo Fighters, and My Bloody Valentine. It is a mix of shoegaze, brit-pop, and punk that is all their own.Last month The One2s released The One2s EP One. It is four tracks of raw energy that is as catchy as anything you have heard this year. The opener “Wide Awake” jumps at you right from the start with a building war between big drums and driving guitar. The bass line grabs you as well. This is music that could have fit in as well 20 years ago as it does today. The darker “Any Other Time But Now” is a haunting song that brought back an older memory of the band Joy Division to me. The One2s show everything here even throwing a poppy radio friendly track into the mix with “Running Out Of Time”. The closer “Alone” is a little more experimental to start but the sped up catchiness takes hold before you know it and your head is bopping uncontrollably. This EP is a great start to something we believe is needed in the sometimes stale alternative rock scene nowadays.

The One2s Produce An Instant Alternative Classic With EP One So Watch Out! 
April 27,2014 SELLOUTRECORDSBLOGSPOT.COM The booming percussion comes through first on “EP One” and some of the most compelling guitar and bass lines trump through before you get the full scope of what The One2s have to offer. I was immediately blown away by the opening of “Wide Awake” and then as things progressed, it just got better. This EP is another prime example of how you can create lavish, guitar driven, percussion laced alternative rock without having to turn too much pop on the draw. The vocals and guitar work all drive home an incredible sound, one that is not too far off from bands like Denali, Sonic Youth, and others. What starts with a bombastic manner, dives into more melodious rhythms and rock sounds through the course of the release. Each track stands alone as a single in my view, with each one getting better than before. You get a mix of vocal options, and you get an incredible sound that is definitely nothing you’ve heard recently, and that’s perhaps what draws me to love this one. The use of bass and drums amidst rock guitars and companion vocals is definitely the highlight here. The way it all comes together is not disorienting, it just flows through melodic rock style.The one2s definitely hit their stride with “Running Out of Time”, like a shot of espresso with all the sounds that you could possibly want out of a rock record. As an EP this definitely does the job, leaving you wanting a lot more out of the whole experience, but only delivering a taste. This rock outfit is definitely one to watch out for, because they have the polish and the precision to make it big. I could definitely hear this on modern rock radio, as it definitely works well on so many levels. This EP is just the beginning, mark my words, they are going places, and you’re invited to join in on the fun. I highly recommend a listen, it’s one of the best alternative rock offerings I’ve heard this year. It’s really good. I can’t say enough about this one.
BABYSUE REVIEW May 2014 www.babysue.comThe One2s – EP One (CD-R EP, Azteca, Pop/rock)Groovy fuzzy modern pop/rock from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s The One2s. This band is comprised of Leiana (bass, vocals), Sean Bombz (guitar, vocals), Jay Dyer (drums), and Julia Tasca (guitar, vocals).We rarely cover EPs and only in cases where something really stands out. These folks have a cool rockin’ sound with driving beats and persistent instruments that is somewhat hypnotic and slightly psychedelic. Only four songs here, but they’re all keepers…and they’re proof that these folks are off to a great running start. Our favorite cuts are “Wide Awake” and “Running Out of Time.”


First of all…this is a VERY powerful opening to a new music experience. I mean seriously; if anyone out there told The One2s to toss their opening track “Gazed Out” they deserve a massive smack to the face. This atmospheric blend of spacious sound drifts in subtly, adds a slight drum beat which is massively effective both the synth comes in to take your breath away. With the plodded-out electro rhythm and tone, the track resembles something that meets in the middle of The Cure’s opening to their Disintegration album with “Plainsong” and towards the end of The Downward Spiral by Nine Inch Nails resembling “A Warm Place.” Though I had the feeling that this wouldn’t be an overall reflection of what TheOne2s would sound like in the songs to come after all I had read, this made for an unexpected and absolutely exceptional beginning that worked big-time.

Cause you see…what I had read told me that I was in for something that much more resembled The Pixies, Sonic Youth or perhaps even Nirvana… Listening to “Gazed Out” and trying to figure that one would only bring you to the conclusion that The One2s were hoping to reach those sounds rather than making them; but these influences and comparisons become much more audibly clear as “Cryer” begins. With an overdriven set of guitar layers ripping away, the drumbeat, vocals and bass do a good job of masking the pace that this track is truly set to. As it launches into the chorus, TheOne2s can hide no more; and with a sound very-influenced by Sonic Youth here, they’ve added the pop-like sensibilities & instincts of The Pixies to deliver a sound that is massive addicting overall. There’s an incredible vein of noise-rock that rumbles through this track from beginning to end, over eclipsed momentarily by the dreamy chorus vocals and the astounding screams of the male vocals. Just before or around the third minute of this track will make every hair on your body stand on end as the vocals come climbing out from behind the wall of sound The One2s produce...Great energy, great sound and absolutely great music here on EP 2 from The One2s.



A trend that we feel is a great evolution in the music industry is the increase in EP and even single releases as opposed to full length albums.  It is best to stay in your fans minds by releasing new music more often instead of a 18 month to 2 year wait for a new album.  With the recording technology today a band has the ability to go from writing to recording to releasing in a much quicker fashion than the old major record label model.  A band who gets this is our friends The One2s.

The new EP is 5 more tracks of raw unadulterated emotion pushed out if a fuzzy in your face way.  The 2 minute opener “Gazed Out” shows a splash of a more atmospheric sound that aims to set your mind up for the assault it is about to receive.  “Cryer” is a more aggressive song with distorted guitars driving the full on wall of sound.  There is a more epic/experimental tone to this EP than the EP1.  The drums take the lead on “I Can See..” as an interesting guitar melody joins in to further warp the listener’s mind as to what they are experiencing.  Leiana’s vocals help push that even farther here.  The closer “Blank Stare” slows it down some as the emotion of the band is shared with everyone. This is a perfect way to end off the record and leave the listener waiting for more. 

HEIDISWANDERINGSBLOGSPOT.COM, February 17, 2014The One 2s are a Philadelphia based band that makes me believe that alternative music scene isn’t a thing of the 80’s and 90’s, but that it’s alive and well. The One 2s have a sound that will remind you of the college radio stations of the past. The band has just released an ep titled One, and its well worth listening to.The first track on the ep Wide Awake has kind of that grungy feel to it. The song is well mixed, and definitely has radio appeal for those of us who love alternative music. The second song Any Other Time But Now has a little darker feel to it. It’s use of what sounds like an echo box to me, and the beginning of the song reminds me of some of the songs from U2, maybe a little bit like some of the sound on the song Mothers of the Disappeared. You can definitely tell the band is experimenting with their instruments to create a great sound. And it also shows that the band will grow, which makes me glad.The third song on the ep Running Out of Time has that fast paced New Wave feel to it. Kind of like the Go-Go’s the song just makes you want to get up and start jumping around. It’s just fun music. The final song is called Alone, and its use of minor keys in the intro makes you think of what it’s like to be alone. I don’t think I can pick a favorite song off of this ep, because I liked all of the songs so much. I think it would depend on my mood as to which one I really picked as a favorite.I listen to a lot of different forms of music, and there are so many different bands that I hope make it. But I can honestly say The One 2s are at the top of my new band listening favorite list. 

BLUESBUNNY 6/15/14Listen to but a couple of the songs here and you will soon be of the opinion that The One2s are the kind of band that would have to wear leather jackets and, furthermore, they would do so ironically. That element of the super cool is clearly evident as they mine the riches of American style indie rock for inspiration whilst adding their own undeniably laconic attitude.Oddly enough, it is that attitude that might well give The One2s advantage in the marketplace for although the edgy guitar work is as you might expect from this type of band, the discipline found in the vocals – especially in “Any Other Time But Now” – suggests that the sense of style is deliberate. Even with a swap to a female lead vocal, the relentless “Running Out Of Time” delivers the same message.There is plenty of energy on show here but I think it will be that underlying attitude that makes The One2s cool enough for school. In fact, if I were not already cool, I would want to be in their band.​

CROSSRADAR.COM 4/15 The sprawling, smoky, and oh so sultry ‘Blank Stare’, is a moment on the One 2s second EP with vocals that drive the listener hard in the direction of Chrissy Hynde.
[The One 2s - EP 2] At almost six minutes long, it’s an expressive track that features some surprises along the way, with squealing guitars that add texture and tone to the mix. Once it’s finally faded out, like the final choke of a candle that finally dies out, ‘Cryer’ shoulders its way into the forefront. You’d be forgiven for being surprised by its brash, blustering bravado. But look beneath the tough exterior and you’ll find an introspective, shoegazey core. The screaming vocals can’t hide the fact that this is really a soppy song that has been roughed up  – no vocals, just vocalisations, hums, and noises – there’s a delicious warmth here, rich like hot chocolate. On ‘Pop The Ripper’, we are treated to a sheer iceberg of glacial reverbs and shoegazey indie cool, while the slightly cynical sounding ‘I Can See’, with its reverb washed guitar, would fit perfectly on an XX track record. Closing with the aforementioned ‘Blank Stare’, the final track serves as the ideal way to bring the One 2s’ second EP to its inevitable conclusion, and to leave a pleasant taste in one’s mouth.

WVAU BLOG 4/15 Fuzzy pop-punk youth -EP 2 offers a quick 5 track glimpse into the lo-fi, melodic pop-punk world full of potential for the One2s. “Cryer” is skuzzy, anthemic guitar track that is very angsty and shouty, whereas the drowsy, dreamy closer “Blank Stare” builds up into very clear guitar euphoria. “Pop The Ripper” is the standout song that combines a pop-ish drum bounciness with lyrics like “Our society is overlooked, overworked and underpaid.”
On EP 2 the One2s seem to find the happy medium between being very home-grown while at the same time having great hooks. They’re the songs that could play at the end of your late 90s-early 2000s teen movie as you hop into your beaten up car after graduation and drive toward your new alternative lifestyle, free of suburbia. Self described as “bringing the immediacy of punk, the melodies of britpop and the depth of shoegaze under one roof,” the One 2s surprisingly aren’t lying as many bands do in their manifestos of alleged genre defiance, and truly have an album that’s original enough to be worth listening to.

PRIMAL MUSIC BLOG 4/4/15  Philadelphia based noise merchants ‘The One2’s‘ create a full on, no messing around, sonic attack on your senses.  Their sound is heavily laden with multiple influences from many genres of music but they manage to focus it directly at the listener & not let it get swallowed up in the maelstrom of screaming vocals, pounding drums, throbbing bass, layered walled guitars & synth sounds. Yes they have a solid shoegazing foundation in parts but they also manage to intertwine post-punk, touches of early grunge & flourishes of dream-pop into the mix to create a sonic manifesto all of their own...Overall this EP is an impressive body of work from a band who are not afraid to experiment with particular genres of music to create something all of their own. ‘The One2’s‘ continuously show songwriting prowess throughout this EP & their song structures are faultless. Apart from the opening track, this EP is a marvel and I look forward to hearing what comes next from this distinctively sounding group of musicians.


The One2s fronted by Leiana who also plays bass (with a little help in the male vox department from guitarists Sean Bombz and Tom Nuzzie) come from Philadelphia, and this EP simply titled 'EP 2' is an interesting release. Needless to say there is an 'EP 1', and the band via their Facebook site call their type of music Post Punk Indie Shoegaze Alternative Rock, or something like that - imagine Joy Division and Sonic Youth meeting Blondie. This is not at all bad, opener 'Gazed Out' being an atmospheric synth infused instrumental, before the rather good and quite stunning 'Cryer' kicks in big time. 'Pop The Ripper' is another good un, an up tempo number, while like the other numbers here, 'I Can See' offers up some impressive guitar work. Closer 'Blank Stare' runs in at almost 6 minutes. It starts slow and atmospheric before it ups the ante half way through the number - awesome! The One2s create a shoegaze, brit-pop, punk influenced sound all of their own. There is some great musicianship here, and I must say that this is a pleasant release and well worth checking out, especially through your headphones. The band's Facebook is here... 8/10 (Dave)

SELLOUT RECORDS 4/15 The One2s Are Back With A Second EP That Will Punch You In The Throat Ok, it’s not that aggressive, they are not the second coming of Pantera. But what they offer is something that flows right in with the best in alternative music. The power that made their first EP one of my favorites of last year, comes through again with even more eclectic influences. From the first track, “Gazed Out”, you are taken to another place. If you close your eyes, you can feel an ethereal musical landscape come through. The band does so much to propel you into a new wave of attention that by the time you get to “Cryer”, you are prepared for one hell of a record. There are moments that are purely rocking here, and some that are subtle and quiet. There’s a balancing act that is here that reminds me of Silversun Pickups and even a little Jesus and Mary Chain. However, the band puts together a sound on their own with a focus on guitar driven melodies and strong alternative rock leanings. It’s hard to put these guys in one box, as they rise towards several genres as they go through different sound waves. If you’re a fan of shoegaze, alternative, and strong leading vocals, this EP is going to fit right in between the aforementioned bands and even a twist of Starflyer 59. My favorite track is “Pop the Ripper”, which is a stand out on the EP. With 5 tracks, the band manages to flow through different eras, push you through various melodic rock styles and maintain focus on cohesion. This is another one of those records that you want to listen to all the way through. It’s a journey of sound, and it doesn’t let you step off the ride until the last note is played. 
Overall, The One2s come back with another representation of what good music is right now. I can’t wait to see what they do next. I’m hoping an extended tour and a major record label debut, they are definitely the next big thing, if you ask me. Of course, you didn’t, but then again, whoever does? I love this record, pick it up, pay attention, and put on some headphones, this second helping sounds awesome.